SEICON Consulting Group has a strong experience in search engine marketing, which means we know what works and what doesn’t.


Whether you’re a small business looking to launch a new website or an existing brand wanting to take things to the next level, we can craft a campaign to suit your needs. Studies show that 80% of customers turn to the internet before buying a service. As we all know the search engines are dominated by the top brands or businesses with deep pockets. This is pushing small businesses further down the rankings and as such are finding it difficult compete. Our search is specifically geared towards small businesses and our unique mix of internet marketing services enables small businesses to effectively compete against big business in most sectors.

Our service goes beyond traditional SEO by concentrating on digital marketing and effective conversion strategies. Remember, having a website isn’t always enough; it needs to be correctly formatted so it can be found by paying customers which is what really matters. Search engine optimisation is the most cost-effective and trusted way to having more eyes look at your brand online.



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