With our well-rounded and experienced team, SEICON Consulting Group’s consultancy services provide practical advice and guidance via strategic marketing services to assist small businesses in developing their individual business and brand. We ensure that they stand out from their competition across Australia.

Consulting Services:

Budgeting Assistance
Business Advice
Business Planning
Business Process Improvement
Computer Hardware Sales
Graphic Design
I.T. Solutions
Print Management
Project Management
Research Services
Social Media
Strategic Goal Setting
Website Design

Every business should have a trusted advisor that guides but does not lead, has a network of solutions and who holds a bottle of truth serum. It is these ingredients that will help clients reach their goals.

Being people who have run well established small business’s, we wanted to build an agency that truly supported small businesses and the many functions their owners have to manage.

We are committed to providing responsive, unmatched quality I.T. support, innovative web solutions and creative graphic designs to exceed client expectations.

We value integrity, embrace challenges and demonstrate professionalism in all our project engagements.
Unlike other consultants, we do not come in and fix the problem for you, then leave. A good advisor trains you how to resolve issues, achieve your goals and gives you the support and strength you require to stay focused.

From plumbers, accountants and restaurants to branding new products, we help startup businesses and existing businesses get their small business marketing off to the right start, providing in-depth, customised marketing strategies.

Focus on small business marketing, we can better understand you. We have helped so many small businesses and truly understand what their brand stands for and then help them effectively market it. That’s what we do as business consultants.


Successful organisations know the importance of moving fast. We can help you accelerate your plans by designing solutions to achieve your goals faster.


We optimise your business to generate cost savings and also enhance the customer experience, giving you the time to focus on more important things – like your clients.


Every sustainable business will require to transform an aspect of its business to continue to thrive. Change is often a long and difficult path and we can help reduce the time and stress of transformation.


The advantage of dealing with one agency is that we build a solid understanding of your business. We like to consider ourselves partners because ultimately the more you succeed, the more we succeed.



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